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Fic: "Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Man" [Gossip Girl, Dan/Blair/Chuck]

Title: Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Man
Author: sandrine
Pairing: Dan/Blair/Chuck
Rating: R
Summary: "That's a terrible idea." Even to his own ears, his protest doesn't sound very convincing.
Blair merely raises an eyebrow. "You keep saying that, but frankly, with your track record, I don't see why anyone should ever listen to your opinion about relationships."

(Or: the one where Dan recovers from his divorce, accidentally finds himself in a relationship with two of his best friends, and overcomes his writer's block. Getting his life sorted out is a work in progress, but he's getting there.)
Disclaimer: The characters belong to people with more power and money than me. I'm only borrowing them for a while; no copyright infringement intended.

Read the story on AO3.
Tags: pairing: blair/chuck, pairing: blair/dan, pairing: blair/dan/chuck, pairing: chuck/dan, rating: r
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